For El Cajon Drain Cleaning, Sewer Line Repair, and Emergency Plumbing Services, Call the Best!

We know that no one wants to need a plumber. Let’s face it: if you’re calling a plumber, something is wrong, and you want nothing more than to forget it ever happened and move on with your life! A good plumber does a job that lasts.

We are El Cajon Primo Plumbing, and we’ve been in this business for more than 20 years. We are seasoned professionals who are licensed, bonded, insured, certified, and trained to get your job done fast and reliably! We want you to be able to take it for granted that your shower and sinks will drain, that your sewer lines are up to code, and that your plumbing is running as it should. We have two decades of skill-building so you can forget we ever had to get there!

From Leaky Pipes to Burst Lines, We Have Your Back!

Whatever you need, we can be there for you, and we don’t say that lightly! We’re available 24/7, we offer same day and emergency service for almost any problem you can have, and we guarantee that we can get to you in under 90 minutes! We really are ready when you need us for anything from clogged drains to burst water lines! Our services include but aren’t limited to:


  • Trenchless Sewer Line Repair
  • Hydro-Jetting
  • Rooter Service
  • Fixing Bathroom and Kitchen Drains


We also offer estimates in advance. That means you have an estimate in hand before we ever touch your property. There are no surprise fees, no confusing pricing schemes, and no tricks when it comes to our prices! We feel secure knowing that we do things the right way and that our estimates will show that we have some of the best rates for the best service value in town!

Camera Inspections Can Protect Your Property Value and Health!

If you own a home or property, you’re responsible for making sure the sewer system is up to code even if you had nothing to do with its installation! This can be especially tricky for people who own older homes. Antiquated sewer systems can pose a risk to human health! We can perform a video camera inspection of your sewer lines and check for blockages, damage, and the type of connection you have. If your sewer lines are against regulation, we have the skills and expertise to bring them up to code! Give us a call today!