All the Bad Things That Go in Your Drain

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Effective, fast drain cleaning in El Cajon, CA by the very best local plumbers.Many homeowners feel that drain cleaning is not needed, mostly because running water down your pipes seems like a cleaning in itself. The service is about as unnecessary as having to wash a bath towel which should be the cleanest object in your home, right? When El Cajon residents call El Cajon Primo Plumbing because of backed up water in their sinks and the unpleasant odor that comes with it, they are quite surprised by some of the gunk that we discover.

Obviously one of the biggest reasons why you’d need drain cleaning is because of issues with your garbage disposal. Some people operate this convenient fixture more like it’s a wood chipper instead of a place to grind up your leftover food and debris for easy removal. Chicken bones and egg shells are hard on your disposal blades and are other frequent sources of blockages. Coffee grounds are very sticky, especially when they come in contact with grease – which is also a huge drain no-no. Even items such as pasta and rice can expand with the constant water exposure and create a balloon blockage in your disposal.

Other Issues Besides Garbage Disposals

Of course food in your garbage disposal isn’t the only reason our customers need professional drain cleaning from time to time. We’ve unclogged shower and bathroom drains that look like people have had Chewbacca as a house guest (even those who aren’t from Kashyyyk lose about 100 hairs a day). Flushing baby wipes and paper towels down the toilet will also almost assuredly cause a blockage at some point in the future.

Proper sink and disposal use goes a long way to prevent emergency drain situations but sometimes drain cleaning just can’t be avoided. At this point, it’s time to give El Cajon Primo Plumbing a call to get your water flowing again.