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Did you wake up face to face with a plumbing problem? Plumbing leaks are never a great way to start your day, but for residents of El Cajon there are options that will save them time and frustration. The plumbing pros that work with El Cajon Primo Plumbing are the best in the industry and are fully certified to work on both residential and commercial plumbing leaks. No matter what time of the day or night it may be, we will send an industry trained, independent contractor to your home within 60 minutes to perform first-rate leak detection services.

Slab Leaks Can Threaten Your Home’s Safety

These types of leaks are what homeowner’s fear the most when it comes to plumbing leaks. This is because they are easy to overlook and can lead to expensive repairs if not detected sooner rather than later.

Slab leak detection is one of our specialty services. Using the latest equipment, our contractors are able to find the most elusive leaks that are well below the surface under your concrete slab. Leaks that go undetected not only waste water and raise your water bills, but they can ruin your flooring, drywall, and compromise the foundation of your home. Not only do we check below the surface of your foundation for leaks, but we’ll check appliances like water heaters and sump pumps to make sure they’re holding water appropriately.

Repairing Slab Leaks Is Easier than You Think

The contractors that we partner with use non-invasive methods of detecting and repairing tricky slab leaks. Instead of digging up your yard or busting up unnecessary parts of your concrete slab, we take a different approach. By utilizing electronic leak detection methods our team of leak detection professionals is able to pinpoint the precise location of the problem and restrict their work to that particular area of the slab. This reduces mess and saves homeowners a lot of money.

Call Us for Superior Leak Detection Services at Prices that Are Always in Your Budget

One of the reasons we are the number one leak detection service in El Cajon, California is due in part to our commitment to keeping costs low for our customers. We have a number of special offers that keep professional leak detection and repair services well within your budget.

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